About us

Our brand name WIMINI is a coined word. When we were deciding the brand name, we shuffled letters from the name of native Hawaiian honeycreeper “IIWI” and added the first letter of "MIND" and "NATURE". From there, WIMINI was born.

WIMINI was started in 2007 by Mari and Yutaka Chino. Yutaka is a graphic designer. He was born and raised in Tokyo. He moved from Tokyo to San Francisco bay area in 1989, then moved to Hawaii in 1992.

As Yutaka spends most of his spare time for surfing, fishing, and hiking, his graphic designs are based on everything in Hawaii’s nature, and inspired by Roy Lichtenstein, advertising characters and ukiyo-e or Japanese woodblock prints.


We use the sunlight instead of electrical exposure units to expose screens. The sun shines for most of the year in Hawaii so why not use it? Our tees are made in a small garment factory in Los Angeles. We hand print our tees one by one in our tiny factory in Hawaii.

WIMINI HAWAII  P.O. BOX 10224 HONOLULU, HI 96816 808-722-2450